Monday, April 19, 2010

Back At Last.....

Hello to all you people in Blogger Land...Well in the last few weeks we have plans changed good things happen and bad and then just plan old simple things that make you mad..This past weekend we have been up at the other property and the kids got to ride there horses all weekendwhich was great.. notso great though when you have to say goodbye to dad at the end of it though.. This next photo is of a horse that was a challenge to Jas..He was a vey cranky horse as a baby and wanted nothing to do with anyone.. But slowly, slowly Jas has been winning..

This next one is a Mother's Day card that will actually hold around 6 photos that when you open it up the photos will nfold in a waterfall fashion..
And This is my Darling Sons latest BIG catch.. THis is a 22pound Cod measuring 83cm long that he caught at Glenlyon Dam..

Oh and last of all a cute image that Deb sent me...

So thats all the creations I have finished so far.. Have a few on the go .. So until next time..Happy Scrappin.. xxx