Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Creations

I have used this photo before but I love it . It is Jas down to perfection.. And the title you may all ask why Sweet Cheeks well we all have our little names for our loved ones and Jas has always been Sweet Cheeks.. This LO is of My beautiful Mum the photo was taken at the Uproar Retreat a few weeks ago and the lovely Jen Hodges helped me finish over the phone throught text messages and pics..Thanks for the help Jen it was Great....
This is there again from the retreat of the beautiful Shazza Dalton and My mum.. What fun we all had....

My weekend creations.... Tada I am very happy with them all..

Thanks for lookin Guys...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Retreat Creations..

This is the writing journal I made for Tayla. She struggles with English but loves writing stories so this is just a special book I made for her...I will give it too her for her birthday.. This is a LO of the 2 girls at the last photo shoot we had at Korcha..

THis Devine creation the beautiful Chris W did this for me on the first night of the scrap retreat..She did an awesome job and I love it to bits..

Last of all these boxes are for Humpty.. The Bumble Bee one I made for our little retreat embellies but am going to give the box to Humpty and the other is a chipboard Hand Bag for Hunter she is a real tomboy but loves shoes and handbags..

Have a few other things but are not ready to show them

My Poor VERY neglected Blog...

Hello all it has been nearly 12months since I have updated my Blog.I got a million excuses why but I won't annoy you with any. But I do have ots of news and Lots of pics in the up coming days so look Out..Ok so we will start we have lived through the Qld Floods and have some amazing photos to show. Kids are getting older the 2 girls birthdays are in a few weeks and I am planning there first ever birthday parties.. Bailey had a broken elbow in the holidays that was a little bit helped by the beautiful little Miss Hunter...Jason hurt his back last year and is slowly getting back on track.I started work which I love..And now the big news..

A few weekends ago I went to the Gold Coast for 3 days and went on my 2nd ever Scrapping retreat with some gorgeous girls all involved with Uproar 2 Scrapmore.. Lots of Laughs some scrapping but made some awesome friendships..So that my friends brings us up to date. So in the next few days I will remember how to put photos on and show you what's been happening..
Thanks Guys..xxxxx