Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Blog Candy to win...

Ok Guys check this out pop on over to The Scrap Farm leave a comment and post a link on your blog back to there you have until the 7th of Feb to do this.. Yummy.

It's Raining WAhoo!!!!!!!!!!

This is a little card I Called Hello..
This is the 2 Ferral little Mud children

This one is for my little nephew Who will be 3 soon.

This is a super special LO of my absolutely wonderful friend Shaz I had never met her until her and Barry came and visited us in Nov last year and we had the best time and poor Barry helped Jas fight the fires..WE will be friends forever Love you Both...

This is the lil man of the family he is such a Dreamer but I wouldn't want him any other way..

And last of all this is the FireCracker on the net on the first morning of Prep.. She's a big girl now..

Thanks For Lookin And Keep Scrappin.....

Wouldn't you love to win this?????

I found this on my friend Sharon's Blog all you have to do as make a post on this blog Me and The Little Rascals
and put a post on your blog and you go into the running to win this it will be drawn on 12th Feb..Check it out...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok Guys 1 card I forgot to show you this morning and 2 LO's I have done today.

This LO is of Bailey and his new mate Johnny Mitchell.This guy owns the charter business on Lake Awoonga and Bailey thinks he is awesome and on this day he got to meet him and even sign his boat.It was a WOW moment for all of us but since then Bailey has emailed him on and off and he replies so he is a genuine nice guy..

THis LO is of Jas and his Dad and Bailey with their over 1 metre Barras that have all been caught at Lake Awoonga.You will work out that we are a huge fishing Family..

Just a lil cute Tilda card that I have called Miss You..
Thanks For Looking and keep Scrapping..

What a week.!!

Hi Ladies .I have been slack with my blog this week.We have been fencing all week and the boss is away so it's feeding all their animals as well as our own and the poddys.So it's been pretty full on.But I have managed to make a few cards which I am very happy with.We also got to Biloela yesturday to do the grocery shopping and you wouldn't beleive it they have a scrapbook shop and I had a little spend i will show you all my purchases later .Also Jas and the kids found the pet shop and yes we brought a dog.He is a dane cross puppy .They called him Conner.Bailey is all happy cause it's first very own pig chasing dog.I will put some pics up later for you to see. Anyway Better run hoping to get some scrapping done today..Thanks For looking and Keep Scrapping..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gotta love a FULL Dam.

Hey all today started out not that crash hot with Jas having to work at one of our other blocks..But I did manage to get all the grass mowed and it looks fantastic after so many months of shifting hoses just to try and keep that green tinge in the grass.. The kids were not impressed that their Dad had to work so Uncle BJ and I took the kids to the dam that until christmas was empty btknow is FUll we took their Kayaks and the Bib Blow up cro that Hunter calls Donkey for what reason she calls him that I don't know..But here are a few pic..I can't wait to scrap them.. Thanks for Looking and Keep Scrappin. xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scrapping Weather

More rainy weather how great although it is starting to send the beloved ferrals into nasty little mud demons but they are having fun i guess.Hubby and BJ are trying to cut timber today as it is too wet to get to our other blocks .And the shed got cleaned on monday so thats done..They are counting down the days until the weekend cause we are off to Biloela fishing just to get off the place oh and to get some food....Today I have achieved alot I have cooked and it's nearly all gone but i did do it and I have finished 4 LO's and still have all these ideas in my head which is great..I have also had achance to cruise the blogs about the place and Wow the stuff I have found..The Lo's I have done are of the kids 3 of them are some of the pics that the lovely Shaz took while she was here

And this 1 is Christmas 2003 at Augathella when we got a Blow up Whale and called him Free Willy and had our own little rodeo.. The things you do..
Keep scrappin ...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Update

Hey all I have neglected my blog and I am sorry.. But I will break down what I have been up to..In November My beloved friend Sharon came to visit us and brought the wonderful Barry..At the time we had bush fires and poor old Barry got a job with Jas.. But hey the cold beers in the afternoon where great..The visit was too short but we are planning on goin to visit them at Easter.. Wahoo.. The kids then finished school and christmas came way too fast.. But we had a wonderful quiet day...Then on boxing day it started to rain ohh that was wonderful..My mum and Dad had christmas here and stayed for a few days mum and I scrapped it was raining most days so it was bliss..

Ok so I am just putting on a few photos from the last few months theres fire photos christmas floods and not sure.. Hope all are well and I am planning for a great 2010..